Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Prompt: Washi Tape

Happy Monday! (or is that an oxymoron?)

This week I'm bringing you a supply-based prompt. One of my favorite supplies to play with at my art table is washi tape, and I wanted to see how this would translate to digi.

As usual, Lita has blown me away with her page. Don't you just love the way she covered the entire background with washi tape and then used additional pieces on top to accentuate her design?

supplies: washi tape, Caran Dache Necolor crayons, Donna Downey Empowered Words stamps,
typewriter roller stamp, Pilot permaball pen, flower stencil

I have to say that even though this prompt was my brain-child, I had a really hard time creating a digital page that used washi tape as it's main focus. My page went through several evolutions and many hours of adding and deleting items before I came close to even being remotely satisfied. I finally ended up pulling many pieces of washi tape from all over my hard drive (please excuse the massive credits list below) to make a large stitched mat in the center of my page. You can find the inspiration for my journaling here.

Tapes pulled from the following kits and element packs:
Parcel 33 by Studio Tangie;  Tangible Plans by Studio Tangie; 
Apple of My Eye by Jenn Barrette & Micheline Martin; Stickies by Studio 68;
20 Questions by Jenn Barrette & Lauren Grier & Shawna Clingerman;
2012 Art Journal Caravan Member Kit by Studio Tangie; 
Art & Soul Washi Tape by Tracie Stroud; Parcel 06 - Definitions by Tangie Baxter;
Digital Art Journal Class Kit by Jessica Sprague & Nancie Rowe Janitz; Good Feeling by Shawna Clingerman;

Other Supplies:
Parcel 3 - Rubon Overlays by Tangie Baxter; Stamped Roughed Edges No 1 by Katie Pertiet; 
Parcel 33 by Studio Tangie; Celeste | Stamps by Captivated Visions; Keep Calm and Splatter On by Michelle Godin; 
Parcel 30 - Gesso Textures by Tangie Baxter; Mist and Paint by Kaye Winiecki; Captivating 2012 | August by Captivated Visions; Bad Sewing Machine: Gridlocked by Traci Reed; 
Journal Your Art Out 3 by Nancie Row Janitz & Fiddlette Designs;   Burnt Thistles Mini by Sissy Sparrows;  
Fonts: junko-typewriter, ProblemSecretary

We'll see you back here in a couple of weeks with a new prompt...I wonder what Lita will think up for us? In the meantime, now matter whether you play with paper or go digi, use some washi tape on your next page and link us up in the comments so we can see Art Squared inspiration at work.


Leslie said...

I *love* your digi page! Saw it featured on 'artjournaling' and came to leave a comment cause I liked it so much. Great colors and positioning. One of my all-time faves, I think.

Gez Butterworth said...

Absolutely beautiful. Love everything about your page.

Ophelia said...

Amazing!!!!! I love your work! So glad I found your blog today.